What is J-TEST: Explained


For those of you aiming to conquer the Japanese language, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled upon the term “J.TEST”. If you’re scratching your head thinking, “J-What?”, you’re in for a treat. Well to make it short, J-Test is a practical approach to measuring japanese proficiency. Let’s delve deep into the intriguing world of J.TEST.

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So what is this J-TEST

In case you did not catch my 1 sentence definition, J-test is a proficiency test that measures you Japanese language skill in a practical approach. In simple terms, J.TEST is a Japanese language proficiency test.

Think of it like a report card for your Japanese language skills! But it’s not just any other test. It stands as a testament to how well you can navigate through the diverse and rich landscapes of the Japanese language, both in written and spoken forms.

Legitimacy: Is J-TEST Legit?

To vouch for its credibility:

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J.TEST wasn’t birthed yesterday. Established some time ago, it’s been serving as a trusted benchmark for gauging Japanese language proficiency since my birth year, 1991.

The Philippine Scene

Wondering about its presence in the Philippines? There’s an official coordinating body right here Cotoha Real Estate Philippines Inc (it’s the name on their bank account). They ensure everything runs smoothly and uphold the global standards of the test.

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Is J-TEST for me?

The beauty of J.TEST is its inclusivity. Whether you’re:

  • A Casual Learner: Just begun your journey? J.TEST is for you.
  • Intermediate Aficionado: Been at it for a while? This is your playground.
  • The Pro: Dream in Japanese? Step right in.

Plus, J.TEST is not just about textbook knowledge. It’s designed to mirror real-world scenarios, making your learning practical and applicable in daily life.

J-TEST levels: Types of Exam

J-Test is a steep ladder, while JLPT and NAT have 5 levels, J-Test has 10 “double or nothing”. Don’t worry there are only 3 exams and the points you reach in each exam will determine your level.

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F-G is N5

F-G – Think of JLPT’s N5 when you’re here. Total: 350 points

D-E is N4-N3

D-E – Got N4 and N3? That’s E and D, respectively. Total: 700 points

A-C is N2-N1+

A-C – B is like JLPT’s N1, while C gives off N2 vibes. Total: 1000 points


If the levels of J-TEST got you confused, you’re not alone. I got confused just by writing this article. Well, it gets better so worry not. Certifications are much more understandable.

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A1 Certificate “250pts.” equivalent of N5: Exam F-G


A2 Certificate “350pts.” That’s your N4 right there. Exam D-E


B1 Certificate “500pts.” N3 vibes. Exam D-E


B2 Certificate “600pts.”? Totally N2. Exam A-C


C1 Certificate “700pts.” N1, my friend! Exam A-C


C2 Certificate “900+” You’re in the league beyond N1. Kudos! Exam A-C

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How Much is J-TEST

Chill, it’s PHP 2000 for all levels. Not too shabby, right?

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How to register for J-TEST

  • Hop onto their website. https://jtest-ph.com/individual-application
  • Fill in the fields – they’re pretty self-explanatory.
  • Time to part with your PHP 2000. Make that payment and don’t forget to attach your deposit slip.

How many Times can I take J-TEST

You can take J-TEST as much as you like ark these months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Time to plan!

Sample Questionnaires

Here are some questionnaires to aid you in your preparation. Note: this came directly from J-TEST website

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FG level assessment includes sections on “grammar/vocabulary”, “reading comprehension”, “kanji”, and “crafting brief sentences.” *Note: Listening comprehension is not part of this sample.


DE level assessment encompasses areas like “grammar/vocabulary”, “reading comprehension”, “kanji”, “writing”, and “listening comprehension” this sample does not include audio.


AC-level examination (Featuring grammar/vocabulary samples, reading comprehension, kanji, and writing exercises)


In wrapping up, J.TEST stands as more than just a proficiency test; it’s a beacon for those passionate about the Japanese language. Whether you’re dipping your toes into the vast ocean of 日本語 or you’re a seasoned swimmer ready for deeper dives, J.TEST offers an avenue to validate, challenge, and celebrate your skills. Beyond mere certification, it provides a chance to truly immerse oneself in the nuances of the language, bridging cultural gaps and opening doors to myriad opportunities.

So, as you embark on this linguistic adventure, remember the essence of J.TEST: it’s not about where you start but how ardently you pursue your passion. Happy learning and がんばってください (Ganbatte kudasai – Do your best)! 🎌📚🌟


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